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About the river 

Renowned for its’ majestic scenery and its’ cultural richness, the region of Charlevoix occupies an important place in hearts of Quebecers. La Malbaie River is one of Charlevoix’s great treasures. The source of the river is Malbaie Lake, high in the Laurentian Massif. Its watershed is 185 hectares in area and is home to nearly a thousand lakes. The river runs in a south-easterly direction and is over 161 kilometres long, winding its way through the deep and narrow defiles of a glaciated valley flowing past towering walls reaching up to 820 metres in height.  La Malbaie River leaves the heights of the backcountry to run through the municipalities of Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs and Clermont before joining the Saint-Lawrence River at the scenic town of La Malbaie.  

On its’ route the river also flows through two magnificent provincial parks; namely Parc des Grands-Jardins and Parc des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie. The latter is located in one of UNESCO’s famous World Network of Biosphere Reserves.  

Renowned for its stunning panoramic views, La Malbaie River was rediscovered as a salmon fishing river in the 90’s. Today, 20 salmon pools have been identified between Clermont and La Malbaie.  Five in particular have very strong fishing potential and are consequently controlled fishing zones.
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