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Corporation of Le Saumon de la rivière Malbaie

In 1978 the Association Loisirs et Plein Air des Marais was created and began a project: To Appraise Wildlife Levels in the Region of La Malbaie. By 1990 it was discovered that salmon had almost completely disappeared from La Malbaie River and so in 1992, (in accordance with the program of economic development), the Association began a restoration plan of the Atlantic salmon population of La Malbaie River with the firm Roche.    

The stocking program began in 1992 and fly fishing activities officially started in 1998.  Today, the Corporation of Le Saumon de la rivière Malbaie, oversees the management of salmon fishing on La Malbaie River.  As a result of the continued efforts of the Corporation, salmon have been successfully reintroduced to the river and the river is now accessible to the public for fly fishing.  

Helped by the municipal, provincial, federal governments and collaborators from the private sector, the mission of the Corporation of Le Saumon de la rivière Malbaie is: to oversee the restoration and management of the river, to provide and maintain infrastructure which makes the river publicly accessible and to oversee fish stock levels and to ensure the well being of the river from La Malbaie town to Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs town including Clermont municipality.     

Le Saumon de la rivière Malbaie Corporation strives to provide a high quality salmon fishing experience.
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Location :
25 chemin des Chutes, Clermont, Québec, G4A 1K1

Phone :
(418) 439-0672

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(418) 439-3299