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Daily catch limit on La Malbaie River
  • One grilse (from 30 centimetres and less than 63 centimetres)
  • For more information, please visit the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife of Quebec at the following address:   www.mrnf.gouv.qc.ca 

Code of ethics 

Rotation system rule  
  • The ''Rotation on the ½  hour'' rule must be respected by all fishermen;
  • Having arrived at the assigned or chosen section of the river, the angler makes a series of casts while working your way downstream. It must be remembered that each angler must start upstream from a pool and always maintain a normal distance between the angler following and the angler ahead;
  • Having arrived at the part of the river having been assigned or selected, the angler calculates a half hour when there is another angler waiting or a half hour per angler when there is more than one waiting.
  • The last fisherman to arrive must queue upstream of the pool, behind the one who arrived before him.
  • When the first salmon is caught, all other fishermen located in the same area must stop fishing. If there is a lost or a catch, the fisherman must return to the end of the queue, if he’s still allowed to fish.
  • A fisherman or a group of fishermen aren’t allowed to monopolise a pool.
C&R or Catch and Release technique   

After catching a salmon alive and even if he has the right to keep it, the sport fisherman can free the salmon if he so desires. The daily C&S limit at La Malbaie River is 2 salmon. Great care must be taken when releasing a hooked salmon.  

Poaching activities jeopardizes the very survival of Salmo Salar species. 

Report any poaching activity to: 

A corporation officer of ‘Le Saumon de la Rivière Malbaie’
A wildlife conservation officer
S.O.S. Poaching : 1 800 463-2191
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